WS_FTP Home - Version 2006 SP1 Release Notes

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WS_FTP Home 2006 SP1 98SE,ME,NT,Win2000,XP,Win2003

o New Features in WS_FTP Home 2006 Service Pack 1
o Release Notes

Included Applications

o Upload Wizard
o Browser Integration

Requirements & Installation Instructions

o Requirements
o Installing (All Applications)
o Uninstalling (All Applications)
o Silent Install (All Applications)
o Silent Uninstall (All Applications)
o Activating the Software

Support & More
o Support & Documentation


New Features in WS_FTP Home 2006

UPnP support for Windows XP
SSL configuration now allows selection of acceptable ciphers
Support for TLS session caching
Quick Connect options for disabling password saving, and clearing connection history
AUTH TLS support

File, Folder and Connection Management
 Folder Linking provides synchronized folder navigation between two folder views 
 Auto Retry for failed transfers has been improved to allow a retry delay 
 File size display options allow size to by displayed in bytes, Kbytes, Mbytes, or Auto 
Connection status is now displayed in the status bar
Site Import wizard supports CuteFTP, FTP Voyager, and WS_FTP LE
Auto-detection of time differences allows accurate views of local and remote timestamps
Thumbnail creation provides the ability to create thumbnails for your images before uploading

User Experience and Customizable GUI
 Ability to change the look and feel by using skins based on WindowBlinds technology 
 Transfer Manager window has been improved to display textual errors 
Tab customization provide the ability to change the tab color, tab name, and other site options

Content for Getting Started and New Users

Intuitive GUI with Windows XP (RTM) and Windows 2000 look and feel
Connection Wizard walks you through creating a connection to an FTP site
Five "Getting Started" flash tours step users through the basics of WS_FTP from creating favorites, to connecting and transferring files
Tooltips, Tips of the Day and fully contextual and searchable Help system

Release Notes

WS_FTP Home 2006.0.1.0 (Service Pack 1)
Fixed crash when retrying connection after editing the port number.
File stamp date and time are now correctly displayed regardless of mask.
File times are now preserved properly on upload when Preserve File time option is selected in Site Profile.
Folders that are auto-created remotely with linked folders now appear immediately.
Uploads and downloads via HTTP now work properly with the scheduler.
Revised Help content to accurately reflect that Home does not support tabs.
MOVE now deletes the original file after successful transfer.
An Email Notification now sends a properly formatted HELO command.
Fixed a refresh problem when using the folder history box, or after transfer.
Status in the Information Window now correctly shows Fail when permission is denied when transferring a folder.
The Information Window location is now saved properly.
ALT-a now sets focus in the Address field on the Quick Connect Bar.
Fixed a problem that occurred when dragging a file from c:\ to a hot drop icon.
Arrange Folders option works correctly for remote sites.
Local view is now refreshed properly when files are downloaded via HTTP.
Disabled a context menu for the recycle bin folder to prevent crash on some operating systems.
Fixed a problem in saving single pane view.
Fixed the Auto Hide button for Information Window when docked on left side.
The Startup local file mask is now applied correctly upon connection.
The Delete command now works properly in "My Documents" folder.
Fixed a problem when "Moving" files within the same remote site.
Fixed a problem with local pane context menu on Windows 98 causing a system error message.
When resizing the Site Manager window, the Rename button now moves properly.
Local folder history is now saved properly in the Recent Folder listbox.
Fixed a crash when importing a client certificate.
Fixed issues with startup folder duplication on MVS.
Fixed a broken help link.

Utilities Included

Upload Wizard
The Upload Wizard provides a simple interface for uploading files.
It can be invoked via integration with Windows Explorer (just right click on file(s) or folder(s) and select upload using the WS_FTP Upload Wizard!)
You can launch the Upload Wizard as a stand-alone application via the shortcut provided in the WS_FTP Home program group.

Browser Integration Utility
Browser Integration allows you to use WS_FTP Home to download files from a web browser. With this feature, if you select a download file in your web browser (provided the download file has an FTP URL), the download will be processed by WS_FTP Home.

Installation Instructions

WS_FTP Professional requires one of the following Operating Systems: Windows 98SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP or Windows 2003

Installing (All Applications)
Run the downloaded application, ws_ftp_home2006_install.exe. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Uninstalling (All Applications)
The uninstall function removes all files associated with WS_FTP Home from your PC, including your configured sites. To uninstall WS_FTP Home, you need to use the "Add/Remove Programs" function located in the Control Panel. Select Ipswitch WS_FTP Home from the program list and click the "Change/Remove" button.

Silent Install (All Applications)
To install the application silently, execute the following command at the command prompt:
ws_ftp_home2006_install.exe silent

Silent Uninstall (All Applications)
To uninstall the application silently, execute the following command at the command prompt:
RunDll32 C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTAL~1\PROFES~1\RunTime\09\01\Intel32\Ctor.dll,LaunchSetup "C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{11DE2361-9F73-47B3-B638-2F267927E307}\setup.exe" silent

Activating the Software
To unlock WS_FTP Home for use beyond the thirty-day evaluation period, you will need a license key.

  • If you have already purchased WS_FTP Home, your license key has already been provided to you.
  • If you are using an evaluation version, run WS_FTP Home, then select the link to purchase an application key.

After you have obtained your license key, run WS_FTP Home and select Activate Now to enter the license key and activate your product.

Support & Documentation

Interactive Getting Started Tour walks you through the initial setup, configuration and connecting to your first site as well as transferring your first files.

>> Take the Getting Started Tour (Flash)

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