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Question/Problem: When I try to connect to a remote site I receive an error, "530 user access denied". What does this mean and what do I need to do?

Answer/Solution: The error "530 user access denied" or "530 login incorrect" are FTP Server Return Code messages from the remote FTP server you are trying to connect to. These indicate that you are not properly logged on to the server.

Please make sure the host information in your Site Properties is correct (that is, in Tools | Site Manager, select your site and click Edit). Common problems are spaces, case sensitive entries, incorrect user name and/or password, etc.

If you are unsure of what to enter into the provided fields please click the Help button in Tools | Site Manager, and/or contact the server administrator of the server you want to connect to (if a user name and password are required).

If you have to have an actual account on the FTP server, for example, a web site you are trying to connect to, then you will need to obtain from the server administrator the Hostname of the server, a User ID and a Password. These need to be entered correctly into your Site configuration in WS_FTP in order to connect. Please see the Help Files in WS_FTP for "Configuring FTP Sites" using the login information you obtained FROM hosting company.

If you are unable to connect and login, contact your web hosting company to verify your login information. Let them know you are using an FTP client to login, as your method of logging into the server may affect the format of your login information.

See also: WS_FTP Pro 8.0 User's Guide - "User access denied"

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