WhatsUp - Web Interface Login Tricks

Product: WhatsUp Gold, WhatsUp Professional
Version: 2005, 2006, v11+
Platform: Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP SP1 or later, Windows 2000

Question/Problem: How can I tweak web login so that users do not have to enter authentication information, get taken to a Map View instead of  List View, and do not get automatically logged out so frequently?

Answer/Solution: Bypassing Login

This is accomplished by passing the User Name and Password as parameters for any standard ASP page on the Web Interface.

User Name = sUserName (case sensitive)
Password = sPassword (case sensitive)

Thus,  for a user xxx with password yyy wishing to access a WhatsUp Professional web interface running on hostname zzz:


For WhatsUp Gold v11:


Answer/Solution: Default Login to Map View

By default in WhatsUp Professional, a user is taken to Navigation.asp when logging in.  In order to be presented with Map View it is merely necessary to specify sGroupView=Map.asp.  Thus:


To specify a particular group, provide the ID using &nDeviceGroupID.  Browsing the web interface to the group you are interested in will display the ID in the URL bar.


In WhatsUp Gold v11, a user to taken to HomeWorkspace.asp when logging in.  To be presented with a Device list view, specify DeviceManagement/DeviceList/DeviceList.asp.  In addition, you can set the Device or Map view by adding nDeviceView=0 or 1 to the URL.  0 = device view, 1 = map view.  Thus (for Map view):


To specify a particular group, provide the ID using DeviceList.nDeviceGroupID.  Browsing the web interface to the group you are interested in will display the ID in the URL bar.


Answer/Solution: Controlling Session Expiration

Login sessions are controlled by a timeout configured in the registry.  When the session expire, you will be redirected to the login page as soon as you try to then do something in the web interface.  If this is a problem, then change

For WhatsUp Professional:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Ipswitch\Network Monitor\WhatsUp Engine\2005\Web Settings\Session Timeout (minutes)

For WhatsUp Gold v11:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Ipswitch\WebServer\WhatsUp\Session Timeout (minutes)

...to some more appropriate value.

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