IMail/ICS 2006.2 Release Notes

Product(s) and Version: Platform:
IMail Premium 2006.2
IMail Plus 2006.2
IMail 2006.2
Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, Standard 2006.2
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2003 Server

Important: If you are using a custom ODBC.dll file developed by a 3rd party vendor, contact the vendor for information about an updated ODBC.dll file for IMail Server. Failure to update the ODBC.dll file could result in a message being misdirected or users unable to access their accounts.

Known Update Issues
If updating from a pre 8.2x version, you will need to replace the Web Calendaring templates rather than do a partial upgrade of the templates. Failure to do so will result in display issues with Web Calendaring.
Safari: When replying/forwarding HTML messages, all encoding/HTML tags in original message are displayed.
If updating from a pre 2006.04 version, the UID format has changed; all UIDs will be rebuilt. IMAP users who have deleted messages but not purged may see these messages reappear. POP3 users who leave their messages on the server could see these "re-Popped" after upgrade. This is equivalent to the administrator manually deleting the .UID file for a user's mailbox(s). 
WGSCVT.exe will not be able to convert contacts for some domains that are using a custom ODBCuser.dll. These users will not have access to contacts stored in aliases.txt converted to the database.

Web Messaging
Message and folder lists have been redesigned for better performance and usability.
Move/Copy folder now stays open for multiple moves or copies.
The Add Contacts grid for the Compose page redesigned for better performance.
New visible progress indicator displays when sending messages.
Now supports persistence for message list column and window sizes.
Compose page now auto fills TO/CC/BCC in new messages.
There is a new file called favicon.ico (the Ipswitch icon) in the root of the Web client that is used for browser book marking. After you open Web Mail, if you click Add a Favorite in your browser, it will create a bookmark called "Ipswitch Web Messaging" with the Ipswitch IMail icon displayed to its left.
Fixed an error in which rules seemed to be causing duplicate messages.
Fixed an error in which a rule with "<" ">" could not be edited after created, as it became blank.
Fixed an error in which auto refresh stole focus when viewing another browser window.
Fixed an error in which Firefox would not resize the message columns in the message list.
Fixed an error in "Total Results Found:" in which advanced search results were not being cleared after closing Advanced Search.
Ability to select plain text emails as a default.
Force subscribe to public/private mailboxes no longer affects the Web client
No longer automatically loads first message in inbox
Fixed Spanish folder tree scroll issue due to columns
Fixed an error in which, when server time uses Daylight Savings Time, received time is one hour off.
Fixed an error in which, when mail forwarded from Web Messaging with attachment, the attachment did not display when sent to an Exchange 2003 server.
Fixed an error in which mailbox space usage indicator in the Client did not work with domain level size limit.
Fixed an error in which Web Mail treated message as HTML even though it was sent in plain text.
If Signature is enabled, it is now included in a reply or a forward.
Fixed an error in the Plain Text option in which word wrap formatting was not maintained after a message was sent.
Fixed an error in Add/Edit Rule - Action for Condition - where "Move to Mailbox", if selected, saved as "Enter mailbox name" if the mailbox name was not changed.
Fixed an error in which deleting a mail folder in Web Messaging did not delete the XML.
Supports .NET 2.0.
Allows URLs in plain text emails to be clickable.
Supports the Safari web browser.
Supports adding a customizable title to browser.
Supports Japanese and Chinese (traditional and simplified) encoding for sending messages.
Supports launching the default viewer for .msg files
User Options Save button is now stationary when the User Options page is scrolled.
Disk Space Usage indicator now displays with a decimal point, and can be disabled globally or for a specific user.
Brazilian Portuguese help files and Arabic templates no longer supported.
No longer uses IMAP for mailbox access: it now reads/writes mailboxes directly.

  Fixed an error in which global user changes did not apply when using an external user database.
Added the ability where renaming a user gives you the option to change the username in the WorkgroupShare.mdb.
Fixed an error in which renaming an existing user through IAdmin while using an external SQL database did not rename the user in the database.
Added the ability where, when a user is deleted, the user is deleted from aliases and lists.
Added the ability to not require a login when going to localhost.
Added the ability to load the Administrator even if no domains are configured.
Fixed an error in which Max users was not being honored, allowing domain admins to exceed number of users. .
When adding user with external SQL database, and user account already exists, it will no longer be overwritten.
Fixed Disk Space usage display of 2000 MB to correctly show 2 GB .
Admins are now able to select a different location for log files other than spool folder.
Now allows administrators, when deleting users, to simultaneously delete users from lists and aliases.
Now allows administrators, when adding users, to simultaneously add these users to lists and aliases.
Activation status and/or duration of trial mode now display on the interface.
Now includes an "About" box that displays product name, version number, and license key

. Online and offline activation and registration are now included in the installation.
. Option available to not reset permissions on repair

Queue Manager
Fixed an error in which Queue Manager would write a log line for adding a file even after the file had already been added.
Now supports RFC 1870 on outbound mail.

Fixed an error in which using mixed case in host names causes a memory/handle leak.
Better error reporting in logs for smtp_deliv_failed.

Now can be configured by domain to restrict how often clients can pop their mail 

[IDEF2159] IMailServer.WebConnect Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
[IDEF2160] IMail Server 2006 IMailLDAPService.Sync3 Heap Overflow Vulnerability
[IDEF2161] IMail Server 2006 IMailLDAPService.Init3 Heap Overflow Vulnerability
[IDEF2162] IMail Server 2006 IMailServer.Connect Buffer
[IDEF2163] IMail Server 2006 IMailUserCollection.SetReplyTo Buffer Overflow Vulnerability .
Remote exploitation of an ActiveX control buffer overflow vulnerability in IMail Server 2006 could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code with the credentials of the user visiting a malicious website. To exploit this issue, a user would have to visit a malicious website from a computer with IMail Server installed on it.The vulnerable component is also likely installed with any IPSwitch product that includes the IMail Server. This includes products such as its Collaboration Suite packages.

Branding: (Upgraders only). Rename or copy this new branding.example folder to "branding" if you would like to brand the Web Client.
Peering: Fixed an error in which peering does not work properly when Gateway setting is enabled.
SSL: IMail Server now uses OpenSSL Version 0.9.8c.
ODBC: Changes made to ODBCUser.dll allow you to add, find, and implement global user changes for external databases.

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