IMail - Version 7.06 Release Notes

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IMail 7.06 NT,Win2000,XP

Answer/Solution: Here are the changes since the 7.05 version:

7.06 Hot fix 2 patch:

- Improves performance of Web Messaging by closing idle connections, preventing possible Denial of Service (DoS) attack
- Modifies SMTP32 and SMTPD32 to support moving the X1 in the greeting to the end of the line
- Adds the ability for ODBC to support multiple database connections.

7.06 Hot fix 2 includes the updates from 7.06 Hot fix 1 patch:
- Improved memory usage and more efficiently handling window logging in Web Messaging. 
- Updated SMTPd32 (SMTP Listener) to increase the length of message filenames to help prevent duplications.

Link to download 7.06 Hot fix 2 patch: IM706HF2.exe

o IAdmin: Adding new domains with wizards no longer sets new domain to use primary domain's user database.
o IAdmin: Expanded character display count when adding a group alias with a large amount of members.
o IAdmin: Fixed remote handling on Info manager settings.
o IAdmin: A new user can no longer be created with an ID matching the name of a list in the same host.
o IAdmin: Corrected remote view of size and count for user's mailbox.
o IAdmin: Fixed formatting of user names and addresses when saving them for a list.
o IAdmin: Remote IAdmin now allows changes to the forward field in a user's settings.
o IAdmin: Corrected the display of the list owner field.

o SMTP32: Fixed handling of message when a domain rule sends a message to the main mailbox and the user has no rule.
o SMTP32: When using AV, viruses caught from NULL senders will bounce correctly.

o Pop3D32: Nonexistent user directory no longer causes login failure.

o iWebMsg: Modified to minimize queries against an external DB.
o iWebmsg: NT domain users with no password can now log in. 
o iWebMsg: Multiple dictionaries may now be selected for use with the Spell Checker
o iWebMsg: Removed extraneous log error messages and corrected labeling of a listener thread log entry.
o iWebMsg: Fixed socket termination in SSL when receiving multiple accept errors.
o iWebMsg: Fixed bug which intermittently stopped Netscape 6.2 users from signing in.
o iWebMsg: Corrected infinite loop problem on unexpected carriage return character in encoded subject.

o iWebCal: Corrected problem in which a Multi-byte first character of an event title would sometimes be modified.
o iWebCal: Stopped possible buffer overruns in event titles.

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