IMail - SMTP login problem for Eudora

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IMail 5.0+ NT,Win2000,XP,Win2006

Question/Problem: I have Eudora set to do SMTP login but it doesn't work.

Answer/Solution: Below is a workaround for Windows and Mac Eudora clients.

The user just needs to click on this URL inside Eudora:


and click OK to the dialog that pops up. Then Eudora will not use the CRAM-MD5 authentication scheme, but will use LOGIN, which works with IMail servers. This workaround is only in Windows Eudora version 4.3 and later.

As an alternative, the user can edit their Eudora.ini manually, and put the entry:


in the [Settings] section.

The other important thing to note is that this particular option only works in the 4.3 version of Windows Eudora.

Another workaround in Eudora 4.3 in,
uncheck "authentification allowed".

Copy and paste the tag below into a new message in Eudora and double click on the resulting URL.


A window should pop up that asks if you want to apply the setting. Click "Yes".

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