IMail - Mail client logins to Virtual Domains without IP addresses

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IMail 4.0+ NT,Win2000,XP

Question/Problem: How can I log on as a user on a shared-IP-address Virtual Host?

Answer/Solution: To logon to a shared-IP-address Virtual Domain the format is: in the userid field. With some mail clients, such as Netscape Mail or Eudora, the login might need to be:

If the mail client needs the address of the SMTP, POP3 or IMAP server, enter the IP address or a hostname that resolves to the IP address of the IMail server.

IMail can use one of several characters for the delimiter between the userid and hostname. By default these characters are: @#$%&* 

Any of these characters may be used as a substitute for @ between the userid and Virtual Domain name in the POP3 or IMAP login id.

For information on how to change the Host Delimiter of IMail server please refer to the Note below.

Here are some examples:

Users in virtual hosts without IP addresses must log in as "" rather than just "user."

For example:


Some clients, however, will not allow you to place an "@" in the username field. In such cases, you must use an alternative delimiter such as %, $, or &.


Most clients use separate fields for the username and mail hostname entries. Eudora, however, expects (in the "POP Account" field) the following format:

user@mailhostname, for example,

So, the logical procedure with a virtual host without an IP would be to use:


However, Eudora will not allow you to use more than one "@" in the POP Account field. Therefore, you must use an alternative character, such as %, $ or & in its place:

This link may be helpful:
Netscape Communicator Mail Fix

NOTE: for versions of IMail prior to 7.1, the selection of substitute characters for @ can be changed (once again, by default these characters are: @#$%&*) in the registry.  On the IMail Server select Start | Run, type regedit, then select ‘OK’.  Create a new string value named HostDelimiters under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Ipswitch\IMail\Global by selecting Edit | New | String Value.  Prior to making this change in the registry it is recommended that you make a backup of the IMail hive of the registry. See:
IMail – How to manually backup and restore the IMail registry

In version 7.1 and later the Host Delimiters can be changed through IMail Administrator.  Select the SMTP service and the Advanced tab.  In the ‘Host delimiters’ field enter the characters you want to use (@#$%&*) and apply the change. 

Caution: the @ is REQUIRED (in the HostDelimiters string) by Web Messaging!!!!

After making the Host Delimiters change in the registry or through IMail Administrator, make sure you stop and restart the SMTP service. In version 8.0 and above, make sure to stop and restart both the SMTP and the Queue Manager services.
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